Increase equity and economic resilience in the Greater Capital Region Food System, specifically for low-income consumers and regional producers and processors.

Goals of the Assessment

The primary goal of the project’s assessment of food consumption is identifying areas of need and places for growth to inform future intervention efforts to increase food security. Objectives to this goal are documenting gaps and barriers to healthy food access in our region and recognizing models that are successfully increasing healthy food access and resulting in better health outcomes for consumers. Additionally, updating and accurately mapping food deserts and services in the four counties will help identify areas in need of increased food security and successful methods to do so.

The primary goal of the project’s assessment of food production is to identify economic opportunities for increased food production, distribution and processing to build stable local markets for regional producers and processors while exploring opportunities to expand access to low-income consumers. Additionally, an analysis of our current food distribution system and the state of our infrastructure will provide the groundwork for exploring improved models for distribution that will increase healthy food access in our urban centers.

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