How Do I Shop for Fresh Produce on the Veggie Mobile® or Veggie Mobile® Sprout?


The Veggie Mobile® operates year-round, six days a week. We make our produce

available at wholesale cost and we happily accept cash, food stamps and Veggie Rx coupons. Our Veggie Mobile® team visits more than 30 locations, delivering fresh produce to the public, health and child-care centers, senior and low-income housing facilities. Find out when we’re visiting your neighborhood or listen for the lively music we play to announce our arrival.


Head here for a printable Veggie Mobile® schedule or try our virtual map below to find a stop near you!



Veggie Mobile® and Veggie Mobile® Sprout Schedule

Day Location Vehicle Time
Tues Barker Park, Corner of 3rd and State Streets, Troy Sprout 11am-11:45
Whitney Young Health Center, 920 Lark Drive, Albany Veggie Mobile 11am-12:00
Ida Yarbrough, 270 North Pearl Street, Albany Veggie Mobile 12:15-1:00
Blooming Grove Senior Housing, 105 Bloomingrove Drive, Troy Sprout 12:30-1:15
John P. Taylor Apartments, Front and River Streets, Troy Sprout 1:45-2:15
Koinonia Primary Care, 533 Clinton Avenue (at N. Lake), Albany Veggie Mobile 2:00-2:45
Martin Luther King Apartments, 1 Eddy’s Lane, Troy Sprout 2:45-3:30
Howe Library, Schuyler and Broad Streets, Albany Veggie Mobile 3:00-3:45
Brunswick Senior Housing, 3 Country Way, Troy Sprout 3:45-4:30
Wed Lansingburgh Apartments, 41 114th Street, Troy Sprout 11am-12:15
Thurlow Terrace, 2 Thurlow Terrace, Albany Veggie Mobile 12:00-1:00
O’Neil Apartments, 2121 6th Avenue, Troy Sprout 1:00-2:15
Cohoes Senior Center, 100 Cayuga Plaza, Cohoes Veggie Mobile 3:00-4:00
Griswold Heights Apartments, Troy Sprout 3:00-4:30
North Albany YMCA, 616 North Pearl Street, Albany Veggie Mobile 4:45-5:45
Thurs Edward A. Kane Apartments, 115 2nd Avenue, Troy Sprout 10:45-11:45
Van Rensselaer Heights, 460 Forbes Avenue, Rensselaer Veggie Mobile 10:45-11:15
Renwyck Place, 18 4th Avenue, Rensselaer Veggie Mobile 11:30-12:00
Burns Apartments, 720 Federal Street, Troy Sprout 12:30-1:30
St. Sophia’s Church, 440 Whitehall Road, Albany Veggie Mobile 12:30-1:30
Franciscan Heights Sr. Community, 1 St. Francis Place, Rensselaer Sprout 2:00-2:45
Kennedy Towers Apartments, 2100 6th Avenue, Troy Veggie Mobile 2:45-3:45
Unity Sunshine/Sweeney Apts., near 4th and Jackson Streets, Troy Sprout 3:30-4:30
Fri South Mall Towers, 101 South Pearl Street, Albany Veggie Mobile 11am-12:15
Summit Towers, 720 Albany Street, Schenectady Veggie Mobile 1:30-2:15
Ten Eyck Apartments, 375 Broadway, Schenectady Veggie Mobile 2:20-3:15
Hamilton Hill Arts Center, 409 Schenectady Street, Schenectady Veggie Mobile 3:20-4:00
Sat Steinmetz Homes, 120 Emmons Street, Schenectady Veggie Mobile 11am-11:45
Arbor Hill/W. Hills, Henry Johnson and 2nd Street, Albany Veggie Mobile 12:15-1:00
Steamboat Square Apartments, 20 Rensselaer Street, Albany Veggie Mobile 1:15-2:00
Sanctuary for Independent Media, 6th Avenue and 101st Street, Troy Veggie Mobile 3:00-4:00