Our mission is to nourish healthy communities by providing access to affordable fresh food and green spaces for all.


Building a more equitable Capital Region through transformative and sustained change where all people have opportunity to thrive.


Providing nutrition education that gives children and adults knowledge to experience and live a healthier life.

Capital Roots works to reduce the impact of poor nutrition on public health in New York’s Capital Region by organizing community gardens, providing healthy food access, offering nutritional and horticultural education for all ages and coordinating urban greening programs.

The heart and history of Capital Roots is their Community Gardens. Founded in 1975 as a way to bring the benefits of growing your own food to Capital Region inner cities, they now operate over 55 gardens in 4 counties.

Our Programs and Services

We cultivate and nourish communities by creating equitable access to fresh food and green spaces in support of a robust regional food system.

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With over 900 garden plots available in 55 gardens across the capital region, anyone with an interest in growing their own food and flowers can sign up for a plot.


The Veggie Mobile®, sponsored by CDPHP, is a mobile market that travels around the Capital Region delivering a large variety of fresh, affordable and local produce.


Our Squash Hunger program is a food donation initiative that collects and distributes more than 40 tons of fresh produce to our region’s food pantries and shelters each year.


The Produce Project is a hands on horticulture education, entrepreneurship and job readiness training for Troy students, hosted on our Urban Farm in Troy.

When it comes to impact, we stand out.


Making an impact on individuals.

“Our biggest concern was could we find enough food to handle this growing number of people seeking food and still maintain a safe distribution practice.
During the pandemic, Capital Roots would come with fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats and grains arriving in the nick of time to help resupply our pantry with much needed resources.”


Amen Place Food Pantry

“The community garden was a real life saver this season as a safe place to go to get some fresh air and exercise, socialize outdoors with safe distancing, and generally relieve the stress and boredom of the pandemic. The community garden was particularly soothing, uplifting, and healing this year. The fresh vegetables were an added bonus.”


Community Gardener

“Warmly greeted by young enterprising students as supported by able staff. Just magnificent at every level—the products—the policy of opportunity and promoting healthy—and the personalities as senior staff has impacted upon youth such that they are proud and well informed. It is a model that should be followed nationally in every urban area.”


Urban Farm Stand Shopper

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