Garden Education Classes

Classes are free for our Community Gardeners.

We suggest a small donation for attendees.

Please direct any questions to MaryAnn at

Education Class Schedule

Succession Planning for Extended Harvests 

May 10th, 5:30PM with Lucy LaFave via Zoom

Learn how to have continuous harvests from your garden, maximize yields, and extend the season by succession planting. We will explore two main methods behind succession planting – variety selection and staggered plantings. These useful strategies can be used simultaneously to ensure a bountiful garden that lasts the whole season long! We will go over practical tips for varieties that produce well and timing plantings based on our local growing conditions.


Sow What Now

May 17th, 5:30PM with Steve Moragne via Zoom

Two of the most important aspects of vegetable and flower gardening are knowing when and what to plant. However, it can be difficult to know the exact time to begin sowing, seed starting, or transplanting in order for a garden to fully flourish throughout the growing season. This class offers advice on what to plant and when to plant it, along with more general tips on seasonal garden tasks.