"The reason I became a Harvest Helper is that I read the news. Seeing the shutdowns progress and the unemployment numbers grow made me recognize that the services Capital Roots provides were going to be needed more than ever, but fewer people were going to be able to chip in and help. I admire the work Capital Roots does, and it's worth it to rearrange my budget a little bit to make sure that someone else is being taken care of."

- Steve Moragne, a new Capital Roots Harvest Helper, community gardener since 2012 and volunteer


Harvest Helpers help Capital Roots Grow!




Ms. Elise, our Educator in 2019, teaches students a dance about what plants need to grow (sunlight on the left and soil on the right) at Sheridan Prep in Albany as a part of our Taste Good Series.


Our education team teaches pre-K through 2nd grade students about plant biology with a song and dance about what plants need to grow. Recently our educators have been providing online and phone resources to the almost 1,000 families who participate in Capital Roots’ community gardens so gardeners can successfully grow their own food. 


We know that plants need a few key things to grow, and so do we! For as little as $5 or $10 per month, you can provide sustaining support to our educators and our essential food access services. Become a Harvest Helper, and support Capital Roots with a recurring monthly donation.


 By becoming a Harvest Helper, you are helping Capital Roots keep pace with our Essential Food Services during COVID-19 all year long. Become one of the 15 new Harvest Helpers this month to help provide sustaining funding to our programs.


Click here to become a Harvest Helper 


And, if you are currently making a recurring donation and you would like to increase your monthly support, email amy@capitalroots.org.