Become a Bottle Return Collector to Benefit Food Access



We’ve reached that time of year – the clocks have moved back one hour, the days have become shorter, and the temperatures have become colder. This is also the time of year where many of our volunteer opportunities have gone into hibernation until spring. We already can’t wait to be working with you in our gardens, gleaning produce for our Squash Hunger program, and so much more; but there are still opportunities to volunteer with Capital Roots and to help our important healthy food access work.


Become a CLYNK Returnable Bottle Collector


It is so easy to quickly accumulate bottles and cans. Weeks can go by before you notice the overflowing bin in your kitchen or garage. This fall/winter, instead of standing in the bottle return line with all those bottles and cans that you accumulated, donate your returns to Capital Roots in an easy convenient way – and ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers to donate their stash to your growing pile – and let them know, it is going to support healthy food access!


How the Program Works:


Request CLYNK Bags – Simply let us know how many bags you need by contacting us at 518.274.8685 or email Stop by our Urban Grow Center at 594 River St. in Troy (while you’re here, be sure to check our Market for the freshest product!). Then, place your bottles and cans in the designated green recyclable CLYNK bag – be careful not to overstuff.*


Scan & Drop – After your bags are filled, go to your nearest Hannaford Supermarket and bring your bag(s) to the bottle return. Look for the CLYNK sign, then scan the code on each bag. Then the best part… drop off the bags and go about your day! No waiting in line, no handling one can and one bottle at a time to go in the return bins. You’re done – and Capital Roots will automatically be credited the return amount.


Get started today!


Contact us at 518.274.8685 or email


* CLYNK bags can hold approximately 135, 12 oz. aluminum cans; please don’t crush them because the barcode needs to be scanned to apply credits to Capital Roots. Roughly 120, 16.9 oz. plastic water bottles will fit; keep the labels on the bottles so the barcodes can be scanned.