Join the Beet Squad!


Become at home ambassador for Capital Roots – and help inspire Capital Region residents to support our mission to make fresh food and green spaces available for all!




Help Capital Roots from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Every week we share updates about our programs, success stories, and different ways to get involved – but we can only reach so many Capital Region residents. We are looking for engaged individuals who are willing to be vocal about our mission and share news about our organization. '


At the start of each month, we will send you a mission packet with some information about the month ahead. All you’ll be asked to do is post an original update on our programs, share our posts and stories, tag your friends, promote our fundraisers or write a letter on our behalf. This is not only an easy way to help support our organization when we need it the most, but it helps get the word out about services that many local residents may not know exist. The amount of work will be minimal, but the awareness generated will have lasting benefits.


To sign up and learn more about becoming an at home ambassador (aka The Beet Squad), visit the link below: