A Day in the Life of Capital Roots Staff – Antwone


Meet Antwone Cyrus, one of Capital Roots’ Mobile Market Assistants. Born and raised in Troy, NY, Antwone joined our team exactly one year ago and has since spread his smile to many of our neighbors through his work on our Veggie Mobile® and Veggie Mobile® Sprout, both sponsored by our friends at CDPHP. If you visit the Urban Grow Center, you likely won't see Antwone because he spends his days out on the truck, under the rain, snow, sun or moon visiting more than 30 locations throughout Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady and Saratoga counties to offer fresh, local, and (most importantly) affordable fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods. Why? Because he believes in the Capital Roots idea that everyone deserves to lead a healthy life.


Our Veggie Mobile® and Veggie Mobile® Sprout run year-round, five days a week. That’s right - even in these cold winter months, Antwone and his co-workers are making sure that the Capital Region can access the food they need to thrive. The produce Antwone offers on the truck isn't second choice either. Before he makes his runs, you can find him in the coolers of our Food Hub, carefully selecting the freshest products we have available. Then he loads up the trucks and hits the streets with the team, taking pride in being able to offer top-quality produce to inner city residents. And as a result, he's forged lasting connections with the people he serves, making his role so much more than a job to him.


“The most rewarding part is hearing about people’s problems and knowing I can help a little bit,” Antwone says. “A majority of our customers want to talk and they have so many different attitudes and personalities that it becomes an interactive situation. I ask how their kids and families are doing. It’s a nice connection, and during the summer, it’s great. Music is blasting, people are dancing - we’re like a mobile park where people can come and connect.”


The Veggie Mobile® is more than just a market on wheels. It offers shoppers a chance to take pride in the community and acts a symbol for a brighter future for our region. Because of Antwone’s hard work and dedication, now families, children, seniors, low-income residents, and honestly everyone, can access fresh, affordable produce to improve their quality of life.


We often say that passion is the name of the game here at Capital Roots. And that goes for not only staff, but also volunteers and supporters. If you have a passion for our work, just like Antwone, we would love to connect with you. Email Rebecca at devmanager@capitalroots.org, and let's talk about some ways to get you involved!