We suggest a small donation for attendees.

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Classes are free to our Community Gardeners.


Please direct any questions to Amanda at gardeneducator@capitalroots.org.




February 24th at 5:30 

Natural Paper-Making: The craft of papermaking is an ancient tradition. Now, it is a fast-paced, high production industry, long forgotten about for its’ delicate practice. Learn about the origins, processes and different plants in the area that can be used for fiber in making this everyday material. We will also be dipping our hands into recycled pulp to make our own paper. Participants are invited to use old notes, bills, letters, musings, etc. to shred, blend and pull into new sheets.


March 3rd at 5:30

Botanical Dyes: Learn to draw out vibrant colors from nature’s palette, all while staying waste-conscious.  Participants will experiment with using plant based dyes and stamps made from food scraps and kitchen spices to create their own eco-friendly dyed fabrics and watercolor prints.


Classes are free to participating Capital Roots’ community gardeners and $10 for the general public. Make sure to RSVP by email to gardens1@capitalroots.org today to receive your class link!