Health Goes Hand in Hand

with Supply and Demand


Everyone can help make fruits and vegetables more readily available in their communities. You may be a store owner interested in selling fresh produce or a customer buying and eating the tomatoes, avocados and black berries we make available in neighborhood markets . Either way you are helping to build a presence of fresh food in your local neighborhood. If you are a store owner interested in making our produce available in your neighborhood, contact or 518-274-8685.


Buy fresh produce at your local Healthy Store:



Coulson's News & Deli, 420 Broadway
Ida Yarbrough, 260 North Pearl St.

K&S Deli and Grocery, 109 2nd Ave.  
Lark News & Grocery, 252 Lark St.

Lincoln Pharmacy, 300 Morton Ave.
Lucky Times, 299 2nd Ave.
Mama Luv’s Kitchen, 153 South Pearl St.



Express Food Mart, 814 Eastern Ave.
Hulett Street Market, 780 State St.
S&D Convenience, 951 State St.



15th Street Grocery, 2300 15th St.
Can Stop Redemption, 408 Washington St.
Capital Roots, 594 River St.
Kim's Convenience, 88 3rd St.
Uncle Sam's Good and Natural Products, 77 4th St.
Unity House Restyle Store, 2431 Sixth Ave.
Yem Yem Deli, 70 Congress St.



Lucky Times Grocery & Deli, 75 Washington St.

Steven's Market, 47 Washington St.



Spindle City Market, 302 Ontario St.