The Produce Project

Nutrition and Life Skills  


Many students are already responsible for preparing their household’s meals before enrolling in the Produce Project, however, the inaccessibility of fresh food in urban areas and dietary misconceptions can impact the 2016_ProPro_Photo_4.pngnutritional value of what teens prepare for their families. This became an alarming concern for Capital Roots when an 18-year-old student told us that he had never eaten a carrot before and his mother, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, admitted to having not consumed vegetables in three years.


With produce readily available on the farm, students learn about the nutritional benefits of fresh food while acquiring an appreciation for the taste of local fruits and vegetables. Students are given a harvest share to bring home to their families so that everyone in their household can benefit from the nutritious food the students proudly grow themselves.



Working together with their peers to grow, sell and prepare food, Produce Project trainees practice important life skills that will help them navigate through the relationships they form throughout their lifetime.