Nourish the Hungry


Help the Hungry!

Capital Roots’ Squash Hunger program is a food donation initiative that collects and distributes more than 40 tons of fresh produce to our region’s food pantries and shelters each year.

Since 2004 Capital Roots has involved thousands of community members in our effort to increase the presence of fresh food on communal tables. We rely on generous gardeners, farmers and grocery shoppers to donate fresh produce to our collection bins and on volunteers to deliver it to food pantries and shelters, some of which feed more than 100 people three meals a day, every day.


Why is it important to 


donate fresh food?


The bulk of donated food consists of canned and boxed goods. Though processed foods do fill up empty bellies, fresh food adds nutritional value to the meals served in pantries and shelters. Nutritious food empowers the hungry with the energy they need to lead healthy, productive lives.




The Squash Hunger program is generously sponsored by:








Phoenix Companies, Inc.