Producer FAQs

Is there a fee to participate?

No! Because we want to encourage involvement from farms and producers of all sizes, there is no participation fee.

Do I need to participate every week or can I just use the site for when I have product available?

You do not need to participate every week, and are free to participate as much or as little as you want. However, regular and frequent involvement helps to build and maintain strong customer relations. If you’d like to participate weekly but are concerned about the time commitment, your product offering can be automatically re-posted on a weekly basis by the website. If you have any questions on how to do this, or would like help in setting-up automatic posts let us know and we’d be glad to offer our assistance.

Can I opt out after joining or am I bound for a period of time?

There is no time commitment and you can opt out at any time.  If you do decide to leave we’ll hate to see you go and would love to know why so that we can make improvements and create a positive experience for other farmers.  Also, if you decide to leave you are always welcome back.

Who are we selling to?

A goal of this program is to help local farmers and producers, like you, expand their customer base and help build the local food system. Our customers reflect a variety of organizations, schools, childcare sites, restaurants, and corner stores throughout the Capital Region. These customers are in addition to the Food Access programs operated by Capital Roots, serving tens of thousands of people each year. Capital Roots is also has a pilot program to sell directly to individuals in low-income neighborhoods through the marketplace. This program currently has pick-up locations in Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady counties.

What kind of products do you sell?

As you may have noticed, our marketplace carries a wide-range of products, including local, domestic and international products. One of our primary goals is to support local farms and our local food system, so we purchase as much from the Capital Region (approximately 100 miles or less) as possible. This means that we typically have the greatest variety of products for our customers during our growing and harvest season. Since we are purchasing for our own food access programs through the marketplace and Food Hub, we feel it is important to also carry international or tropical products so all of our customers can include healthier choices in their diet. However, all of our local producers are our preferred suppliers and we will always buy locally when possible.


How is my product getting to you?

We hope to make this process as convenient as possible for everyone involved.  On Mondays, Capital Roots will coordinate regional pick-ups of your product; we may ask that you drop your product at a neighboring farm, or be a drop-point for other nearby farmers and producers. On Wednesdays & Fridays we will coordinate drop-off of product at The Capital District Regional Farmers Market in Menands or at our headquarters in Troy, whichever is easier and most beneficial to you. You may wish to coordinate with other participating farmers and producers in your area to share delivery responsibility.

What if I can’t arrange for my product to be delivered for Wednesday & Friday delivery?

We are here to help with delivery arrangements and do our best to accomodate your needs, but we appreciate your flexibility. Another option available is that Capital Roots may purchase your product on Mondays to sell on Wed/Thurs/Fri. Because transparency is important to us, any product we sell will be described as coming from you, even if it is not your producer page.

When do I need to have product and pricing uploaded to the site?

When singing no to the site, we ask producers to create a library of products they think they will sell throughout the season. Once a product is uploaded, prodcuers simply list their "current available" products on Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday. Once your product is uploaded, you can easily adjust availabilities and details to put the item in your storefront. If you're having any difficulties, we're here to help! Just give us a call or send us an email.

How does Capital Roots plan to market my products?  

As you may have noticed, the marketplace is extremely dynamic; customers can access your products as well as get to know you a bit through descriptions and photos on your producer page.  Although we will offer products from the global market, local producers are our highest priority and local product will always be featured first. Furthermore, Capital Roots will promote this online market as a means for people to buy regional products, build their local food system, and support their local farmers. Capital Roots will also send regular emails to customers and create social media posts promoting you, your business, and your delicious products!

What does the Market week look like?

Market Period/Customer Type:

Customer ordering hours:

Finalized Pick Ticket sent to producers:

Product Allocated to Capital Roots:

Product received by Customer:

Wholesale Tuesday

Wed 6am - Fri 12pm

1pm Friday

Monday, Capital Roots conducts regional pick-ups


Wholesale & Retail Wednesday

Wed 6am - Tues 12pm

1pm Tuesday

Wednesday  6am-10am Menands Market or the Urban Grow Center


Retail Thursday


Fri 6am - Tues 12pm

1pm Tuesday

Wednesday  6am-10am Menands Market or the Urban Grow Center


Wholesale Friday

Wed 6am - Thur 12pm

1pm Thursday

Friday morning 6am-10am Menands Market or the Urban Grow Center


Producer Product Upload Period: Tuesday at from 12pm to Midnight

When will I find out what I need to pick?

We know your busy, and don’t want to be tied to your email waiting for your pick-ticket to arrive.  Capital Roots will get you your pick-ticket as quickly as possible after the close of an ordering period, typically by 1pm.  You will also have access to ordering information as it comes in, 24/7, through your online producer profile/storefront.

How and when will you pay me?

Ah, the all-important question! You will receive payment 15-30 days after the sale of your product, even if a customer fails to pick-up an order. 

What if I miss a drop-off/have unexpected crop/product failure?

Capital Roots understands accidents happen and crops fail, so we will do our best to deal with these situations when they arise. To best prevent the situation, please let us know about any unexpected problems ASAP. If continued failure to deliver or make good on sales occurs, Capital Roots will reconsider a producer’s participation in the marketplace.

Will customers be able to communicate with me directly?

Because we respect your time and privacy, Capital Roots will receive and manager any customer correspondence. We will also happily pass on any praise bestowed on you by customers!

I don’t want people visiting my farm. Do I need to make my complete address available?

No. Again, we respect your privacy.  While Capital Roots needs your address, we will not share your information with anyone without your permission.

Do I need to have an e-mail address to participate, or can I send all of my product/info to you?

Yes, each producer and customer needs a unique email to participate. It enables you to control your product yourself, greatly easing the entire process and gives producers greater control of their products. We are always here to help with any technological questions or concerns. We strongly encourage you to maintain your own product and storefront and can provide you with training to help you through the learning curve.

What kind of support does Capital Roots provide?

Capital Roots works daily to make your involvement with our marketplace as easy and convenient as possible. Capital Roots staff are happy to provide you one-on-one or small group trainings on how to use the site, what resources are available to you, and an overview of our organization and mission when you deicde to become involved. We also provide free, ongoing customer service, tutorials, and site managament so that producers are free to work on their farm; leave the customer service to us!

What is the Capital Roots Food Hub?

Capital Roots operates a regonal Food Hub which aggregates products from all of our various producers and allocates it for all of our customers and programs. Our unique, custom designed facility allows us to buy from local farmers in bulk quantites and redistribute products out to customers in amounts that they are looking to purchase. This helps farmers add more money to their bottom line and helps to ensure that our customer are able to receive the freshest products for the lowest possible price.