Smart Vending

Healthy Snacks To go

Capital Roots' Smart Vending program provides the information and opportunity for Capital Region residents and employees to purchase healthier snack options on the go.

Why Smart Vending?

 • Vending machines are small, enclosed food outlets that provide customers with limited to no access to nutritional information.

• Adults spend most of their week at their workplace. They should have the opportunity to fuel their bodies with healthier fare on their breaks.

• Community-based organizations are typically places to gain knowledge and strengthen families. Now their vending machines can be an additional source of information for constituents looking for the best snack options.

Snack Smarter

Through Smart Vending, Capital Roots works with locally-owned family vending companies to provide businesses and organizations with carefully-selected healthier snack options. We bring marketing materials and educational information to these locations to help inform employees and residents making vending purchases. And for those locations bringing vending to their locations for the first time, we even provide the machines at no cost. Capital Roots is helping to make healthier fare available in another venue.

Are you a business or agency looking to add healthy vending options to your workplace?

Email our Healthy Retail Organizer at for more information on getting started.