Phase II: The Greenhouses




Capital Roots’ Net Zero greenhouse range is changing the game. By using innovative design and the earth’s constant temperature as a thermal battery to both heat and cool, these greenhouses reduce standard energy inputs by 80 percent. Solar and other technologies will help “spin the meter backward.” Located at the corner of Jay and 5th Avenue, this bank of three greenhouses and a production facility will enable Capital Roots to grow its job-readiness programming AND invest further in its commitment to community education.


Two hydroponics greenhouses, using controlled-environment agriculture, will support year round food production and an adult job-readiness program based on Capital Roots’ successful Produce Project youth training model, helping the region’s long-term unemployed not only gain, but retain jobs.


A third traditional greenhouse will support community education, a pillar of Capital Roots’ mission, while also growing plants for programs, sales and the support of regional greenspaces.


The greenhouses, their support buildings, landscaping and outdoor teaching spaces, have been designed to fit the aesthetic of the neighborhood, while ensuring the efficient distribution of the food they grow.



NYSERDA is helping construct these unique greenhouses, a recognition
of their potential in revolutionizing how New York farms.