Phase II: The Market




The public face of the Center will be its street-level Market, designed to better meet the needs of the surrounding food desert. With a broader range of products, longer hours and greater visibility, this stand-alone 1,700-square-foot market improves on Phase I’s produce stand, letting all community members know the Grow Center and its services are there for them.


The Market’s open design, accessible to people of all walks of life, will offer affordable and local fruits and vegetables all year long, as well as value-added products from our kitchen and other regional producers, in addition to local meat and dairy.


Phase II: The Expanded Food Hub


 In addition to new and reimagined spaces, Capital Roots will add a second regional Food Hub with the highest level of food safety necessary to serve institutional customers, especially local schools, with local farm products. In 2017, Capital Roots became certified by the USDA for Good Handling and Good Agricultural practices. This certification, coupled with an expanded hub, will ensure all institutions from child care centers and soup kitchens to school districts and faith-based communities are able to purchase from and support the regional farm economy.