Commercial Kitchen

The perfect start to your culinary business.

Do you have a great product but nowhere to make it?

Are you interested in starting a food business, but don’t have the know-how, or access to the tools or supplies you need?

Then the Capital Roots commercial kitchen was made for you! Opening this June, it makes food business ownership open to anyone with determination and a good idea.

With four well-equipped work spaces, dedicated dry and cold food storage, as well as a separate scullery and loading dock, the kitchen has all you need to transform your food idea into a work of art. Its secure 24 hour access means you can make that magic anytime that fits your schedule.

Let us help you source goods from dozens of local farms using our regional food hub, or even sell your product in our Good Food Market just down the hall. You can take advantage of business classes and personalized training to help you start, maintain or grow your company.

Do you want to know more? Whether you are already selling food, or just starting out, please fill out this brief questionnaire so we can give YOU the tools, access and ingredients you need to start making local food everyone’s food.

Commercial Kitchen Inquiry

Bringing all new opportunity to the Capital Region

Commercial kitchen space is paramount to the growth and success of any fledgling food business.
Street food vendors, small food businesses, and entrepreneurs can experience the benefits of a shared space.
Shared commercial kitchens are a great way to reduce your risk, overheads, and general costs.
They can also be invaluable for sharing knowledge and experience with peers.


Our kitchen’s mission is to give its users the tools, access, and ingredients they need, to make local food everyone’s food. Our goals are: To make food business ownership open to anyone with determination and a good idea. To make local farm products the essential ingredient for local food business success. To nurture the creation of quality goods that create quality jobs and support communities with equality of opportunity.


Our kitchen has: 5 distinct working spaces that provide critical tools for different needs including catering, baking, processing and product development Dedicated loading bay, check in/ locker area, scullery, walk-in cooler and freezer, and dry storage, because cooking is more than kitchen space. A Kitchen Lead who helps this community of makers connect with necessary resources, education and each other.


Who the kitchen is for: People who have a food business, but need space to expand, or where they can work anytime 24/7. People who want to start a food business, but need help developing their product or business
People who want a direct connection to area farms, so they can easily and affordably source quality local ingredients

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