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 The Urban Grow Center is a regional food hub where the power of local agriculture is being channeled for the social, economic, and physical benefits of the entire Capital Region.


Capital Roots’ Urban Grow Center was developed to improve access to nutritious food in the Capital Region’s urban areas while helping regional farmers cost-effectively reach new markets. This project, more than a decade in the making, has allowed Capital Roots to nearly triple produce distribution in its four county service area of Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady and southern Saratoga counties.


The Center has doubled the presence of local food in Capital Roots’ year-round distribution from 28 to 54 percent, encouraging farmers to increase storage capacity, extend growing seasons, and prioritize local markets. Its creation inspired tens of millions of dollars in private investment in the neighborhood, bringing hundreds of new residents to its once-abandoned block.


Above all, the Urban Grow Center has transformed the way Capital Roots fulfills its mission every day and is helping to provide countless residents with the opportunity to lead healthy, happy, and empowered lives.



Phase II: Empowering a Community


The next phase of Capital Roots’ Urban Grow Center will be a project unlike any other in the region or state. The nearly 32,000 square foot expansion, spread across two full city blocks, is focused on strengthening and elevating the Capital Region community. The Center will empower the next generation of food-based businesses and drive local farm purchases through its Incubator Kitchen. It will offer new and necessary opportunities for hard-to-employ adults through Greenhouse-based job-readiness programming. It will provide neighbors access to a wide variety of fresh, local and affordable food through an expanded Produce Market. And it will serve as a model of Capital Roots’ commitment to safe and accessible streets for all.


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