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Volunteer, Audrey, making a pick up for Squash Hunger delivery.

“When I retired, I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity that made a difference in the lives of others and was in line with my values. The idea of helping to put fresh, nourishing food in the homes of people who otherwise would be relying on canned and packaged donations was enormously appealing, and having gotten to work with people like Sharon and Lena has made it even more fun.”

Looking for a way to help without leaving your neighborhood?

Host a Squash Hunger Produce Drive

Typically, the bulk of food donated to community food programs consists of canned and dry goods. Our produce drives bring healthy, fresh food to those in need.

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Become a CLYNK bottle collector

Donate your cans and bottles to help support our essential food access programs! We will even provide you  green CLYNK bags at our Urban Grow Center in Troy. 

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Become a social media ambassador

Our Beet Squad helps bring attention to Capital Roots and relays our message to their networks. With a wide range of online and at home tasks each month!

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“Knowing that I’m part of the system that helps get food to those most in need in a timely manner is very satisfying. I really enjoy getting to know the staff and experiencing their passion for the mission of Capital Roots. I also like having a variety of jobs to do that exposes me to the breadth of Capital Roots’ programs and outreach. Being able to tell people that I volunteer for Capital Roots is a source of pride for me. I like to explain what Capital Roots does and spread the word about how the organization makes a difference in people’s lives, thereby serving the community.” 

Susan, Capital Roots Volunteer

If you can’t volunteer your time, please support our programs with a contribution.

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