Healthy Stores

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Healthy Stores makes produce available in custom designed, refrigerated display units at convenience stores, colleges, and small shops where families visit every day.  

Healthy Snacks, Healthy Meals Made From Convenience Store Food!

Capital Roots’ Healthy Stores program gives fresh, affordable produce a daily presence in convenience stores throughout Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectady counties. Since 2011 Capital Roots has developed partnerships with local small-business owners to provide families with fresh alternatives to the canned and processed goods that typically fill convenience store shelves.

Capital Roots installs custom-designed refrigeration units in stores that are located in neighborhoods with limited fresh food access and stocks them with produce frequently. Affordability and Access go hand in hand. We partner with store owners to make sure the produce continues to be affordable to everyone in the community.

With the support of Healthy Stores, residents are making healthier snacks and meals with food that is conveniently purchased in their own neighborhoods. Without the power to make healthy dietary choices, residents are at greater risk for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other nutrition related illnesses.

Health Goes Hand in Hand with Supply and Demand

Everyone can help make fruits and vegetables more readily available in their communities. You may be a store owner interested in selling fresh produce or a customer buying and eating the tomatoes, avocados and blackberries we make available in neighborhood markets . Either way you are helping to build a presence of fresh food in your local neighborhood. If you are a store owner interested in making our produce available in your neighborhood, contact or 518-274-8685.

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