Healthy Streets

Safe Routes to walk and bike

Capital Roots’ Healthy Streets program has been working to improve public spaces throughout the Capital Region.

Making Our Communities More Accessible

Our initiatives are creating communities with complete streets, designed to accommodate the transportation needs of all residents, regardless of their method of travel. By increasing opportunities for improved transportation, the Capital Region’s cities are becoming more accommodating, accessible and safer places to live and work.

How does Healthy Streets fit in to food access?

At Capital Roots, we work daily to provide our neighbors the option to eat and live well. An extension of that work is to create a more accessible Capital Region for those neighbors who walk, cycle, or use public transit.

Through partnerships with local municipalities, community leaders, and residents, we spearhead and support community initiatives that:

• Educate pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists on safe transportation practices and laws• Install permanent and semi-permanent alternative transportation infrastructure, such as bike racks, fix-it stations, and safety signage, for use by the community

• Improve the visibility and accessibility of the region’s urban trail network

Additionally Capital Roots is proud to have drafted the complete streets policies which were adopted in Troy (2014), Cohoes (2016), and Watervliet (2017). Troy’s policy was voted 2nd best in the nation by Smart Growth America. 

Find a Healthy Street Project Near You!

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