Community Gardens

Growing Healthy Communities

Our Community Gardens offer plots around the Capital Region to anyone interested in growing their own produce. Gardeners receive nutritional, recreational, social and physical benefits from tending plots.

Growing nutritious food can change a life!

What is a Community Garden?
A Community Garden is a parcel of land that has been divided into individual garden plots. Capital Roots transforms neglected private and public land into vibrant, food-producing spaces that beautify our cities. Make a tax-deductible land donation to create a lasting legacy through our urban land trust.

Community Empowerment

Participating in a community garden empowers individuals by giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility. This empowerment can extend beyond the garden, fostering a greater sense of agency and community involvement in other aspects of civic life.

Access to Fresh, Nutrient-Rich Produce

Community gardens provide communities with access to fresh, affordable, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. This is especially crucial in urban areas where access to fresh produce may be limited.

Promotes Sustainable Agriculture

Community gardens encourage sustainable and organic farming practices. By cultivating local, fresh produce, communities reduce their dependence on commercially grown, transported, and often environmentally taxing food.

First time gardener?

We are always working towards 100% garden plot occupancy. If you would like to learn more, please fill our the survey below and we will reach out with more information about availability!

Please note this does not guarantee acceptance to the program.


How it works

After applying, someone from the gardens team will reach out to you about plot availability in Community Gardens near you! If your application is accepted we will start you on the path to growing your own food!



Once you have filled out the link above, our gardens team will review your application and reach out with available orientation dates.



Orientations are held throughout April for new participants. In order to register for a garden plot, attendance at orientation is required. During these orientations, you will learn the ins and outs of participating in a Community Garden and select your plot.



There is a suggested $45 donation to sign up for a standard plot. Donations are greatly appreciated and help support this program. The average cost to operate each plot is over $200 per year. If you have expendable income and garden with us, please consider giving more to support the continuation of the program for everyone.

Map of Our Community Gardens

2024 Spring Work Parties

Each season, gardeners are required to attend work parties to help prepare, beautify and repair gardens for the growing season!

Community Garden Request Form 

If you need tools or assistance at your garden, please use the form below to submit a request. 

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Thank You to Our Garden Sponsors

Sponsor A Community Garden

Capital Roots is looking for sponsors for community garden sites and to assist local residents growing food where they live. A sponsorship helps cover the yearly costs of water, equipment, staff support and general expenses. Plus a sponsorship comes with proudly displaying your business logo on a green space in our community!


Questions? Contact us!