Community Gardens

Growing Healthy Communities

Our Community Gardens offer plots around the Capital Region to anyone interested in growing their own produce. Gardeners receive nutritional, recreational, social and physical benefits from tending plots.

What is a Community Garden?

A Community Garden is a parcel of land that has been divided into individual garden plots. Capital Roots transforms neglected private and public land into vibrant, food-producing spaces that beautify our cities. Make a tax-deductible land donation to create a lasting legacy through our urban land trust.

What are the Benefits of Community Gardening?

In addition to rejuvenating our urban environments, community gardening empowers families to have more control over their dietary intake and household budgets. It’s relaxing, recreational, a good source of exercise and a cheaper way to eat healthy. One garden plot can yield $1,500 worth of fresh, organic food! 4,000 residents throughout the region are already practicing this home economics model with Capital Roots!

"Gardening has always brought me joy. This year especially it gave a sense of ‘rootedness’.
When everything else was out of sorts, I could still experience the joy,wonder and awe of watching a seed become a tomato!"
Community Gardener, Albany
"I am so grateful to Capital Roots!! Tending to my garden is what got me through the peak COVID months where everything was closed and I had so much time alone at home. I have learned so much and am so excited to do it again!"
Community Gardener, Troy

Sponsor Our Community Gardens

Capital Roots is looking for sponsors for community garden sites and to assist local residents growing food where they live. A sponsorship helps cover the yearly costs of water, equipment, staff support and general expenses. Please contact us at for more information

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First time gardener?

Fill our the survey below and we will reach out with more information about availability! 

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How to Sign up for a Garden Plot

Get the space, sunshine and support you need to grow your own food. Sign up for a community garden plot! Take these steps to join our community:

  1. Call 518-274-8685 or Contact Us! Orientations are held throughout April for new participants over conference calls this year In order to register for a garden plot, attendance at orientation is required. 
  2. New gardeners must call to reserve a seat at orientation once the schedule is released. Plots are assigned on a first-reserved seat, first-served basis.
  3. There is a suggested $45 donation to sign up for a plot. Donations are greatly appreciated and help support this program. The average cost to operate each plot is over $200 per year. If you have expendable income and garden with us, please consider giving more to support the continuation of the program for everyone.
  4. We take into consideration personal financial experience and will not turn anyone away from getting a plot due to a lack of funds. If paying the full suggested donation causes you to be less secure in meeting your basic needs, we will work with you.

Use the map below to find all garden openings. We still have plots available in many of our gardens.


Tips for using the map

  • Expand into a new tab: Click the set of brackets in the top-right corner. 
  • Zooming in and out: Use the buttons in the bottom left corner to control the zoom.
  • For garden specific information: Click on the green or red “pins” for individual garden information, including how many plots are available.
If no plots are available, please contact our garden organizers to be put on mailing list for next year at 518-274-8685 or email us at