Our Purpose


We envision a thriving community where land and fresh food empower physical, social, and economic health.

Mission Statement

We cultivate and nourish communities by creating equitable access to fresh food and green spaces in support of a robust regional food system.



We believe in the importance of transparency and accountability to unite us in service to our mission and amplify the voices of the communities we serve.


We believe in building and sustaining connections with individuals and organizations to harness the collective power of collaboration for lasting impact.

Ecologically Conscious

We believe in stewarding, preserving, and revitalizing natural resources and green space.

Healthy Living

We are committed to building communities where people have agency to make choices for their well-being.


We strive to ensure the diverse communities we work with are seen, heard, served, and represented.


We believe in creating innovative solutions to address long-standing inequalities at the nexus of fresh food, green space, and the environment.


We believe in a compassionate and dignified approach that focuses on leveraging existing resources to meet people where they are.


We are committed to empowering, nurturing, and revitalizing our communities through access, knowledge, and nourishment.