Hot Pepper Challenge

Help us bring attention to this hot button issue!

One thing the pandemic has revealed is the absolute need for fresh, healthy food access for all and sustainable local markets. Our dependence on national and international food supply led to us experiencing empty shelves and poor food options. This is not sustainable.

Our goal is to bring attention to the importance of supporting food economies, farms and producers in our region. 

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How to participate!

You don’t need to be nominated to join in the fun. You can start a chain of nominations that will not only help us raise awareness for healthy food access, but will also help support our mission to make the Capital Region a more equitable and healthy place to live!


Record yourself or have a friend record you eating a spicy hot pepper!


Explain why eating healthy or access to healthy food is important to you!


Pick two or three friends that you think can #turnuptheheat and call them out!


Make a $10 donation to Capital Roots and tag @CapitalRootsNY in your post! 

Together we can 
raise awareness for healthy food access.

Stewart’s Shops announced that they will match up to $10,000 in donations through the challenge. “We applaud, align and continue to support Capital Roots in their efforts to support food economies and local producers,” said Gary Dake, President of Stewart’s Shops. “Founded as a dairy company, we have a 75 year history of supporting local dairy farmers and producing fresh and local dairy products. And we can’t think of a better way to chase a hot pepper than with Stewart’s milk, it’s the best remedy for food with a little heat; I always drink skim milk after a cajun dog!”

This is your chance to start a dialog!

Fresh food access effects us all.

“This past year has had a devastating impact on vulnerable families in our area, compounding many challenges including access to healthy and nutritious food. Capital Roots has made it their mission to provide affordable access to healthy food for our community which is key to living healthier and more productive lives. I am happy to support and participate in today’s launch of Capital Roots’ Hot Pepper Challenge!”

John McDonald III

NYS Assemblyman, 108th District

“CDPHP is happy to support this unique and spicy fundraiser hosted by Capital Roots. “We are proud to share that our long-term support of many Capital Roots programs, including the Veggie Mobile® and Veggie Mobile® Sprout, continued throughout the pandemic, allowing continuous access to fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Dr. John D. Bennett

President and CEO, CDPHP

“Access to healthy, fresh food is an ongoing issue in our region. The pandemic not only made access that much more difficult, but also significantly increased the number of individuals—adults and children—who are impacted by food insecurity. For years, Capital Roots has been an invaluable partner toward ending the lack of access to healthy food and we are proud to be a part of the hot pepper challenge which will undoubtedly bring awareness to this important issue.”

Ellen Sax

Vice President of Community Engagement, MVP