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Buying Fresh, Local Food Has Never Been Easier!

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Capital Roots’ Virtual Veggie Mobile® is an online marketplace where local farmers list their produce, dairy, meat and value added products so that daycare centers, schools, group homes, food pantries, hospitals, restaurants, convenience stores and other organizational customers can purchase fresh, nutritious food that was grown by their friends and neighbors. Capital Roots is also piloting an individual customer program, providing low-income families an alternative opportunity to purchase fresh affordable food.

The online marketplace draws products from farms located throughout ten New York State counties – spanning north to Washington, south to Ulster, east to Rensselaer and west to Schoharie – bringing products into our regional Food Hub for redistribution to customers. Buyers shop when it is convenient for them and Capital Roots’ staff make deliveries 50 weeks a year! 

Individual Customer Program – How it Works:

Individual customers can place their orders by 4:00PM, Monday through Friday and pick up same day! We have convenient pick up at the Urban Grow Center in Troy located at 594 River Street. Please allow two hours for order assembly.

The Virtual Veggie Mobile® can be accessed right from your computer. Shopping at a farmers market has never been easier!


Organizational Buyer Program – How it Works:

Organizational customers can receive deliveries on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Friday, all without a minimum order requirement or additional taxes.


Wholesale Online Ordering Periods & Delivery Schedule

Fresh Produce, Frozen Meats, Eggs, Dairy, Dried Fruits, and Other Seasonal Items!

Market Period
Ordering Hours
Delivery Hours*
Wholesale Tuesday
Weds 6 AM – Fri 12 PM
Following Tuesday
10 AM – 5 PM*
Wholesale Wednesday
Weds 6 AM – Tues  12 PM
Wednesday (next day)
10 AM – 5PM*
Wholesale Friday
Weds 6 AM – Thurs 12 PM
Friday (next day)
10 AM – 5 PM*


*If you have a preference for delivery time, please let us know. We will work with you to get you what you want when you want it!


Orders can be placed online on our marketplace:


Questions? Contact Lily!  Email: / Phone: 518-274-8685